This morning we drove to a Park and Ride facility and caught the tram into Rotterdam. We started off with coffee and had a good walk around. The building construction here is phenomenal. You can see ancient sites next to places hastily constructed after the War.

These ugly, functional buildings are being surrounded by modern architecture. Some of which will confuse the mind.

We bumped into a friend of Mark’s who is constructing floating houses. And he gave us a suggestion of which way to walk.

This led us to Vessel 11 which was a floating lighthouse but is now a restaurant.

We had a beer then walked past the Maritime Museum and across the Nieuwe Maas on The Erasmus Bridge.

The wind was howling which made crossing quite an effort. From there we had frites for lunch at Bram Ladage and headed back to Streefkerk.

We stopped at Graan & Zo in Oud-Alblas. The windmill was running so you could hear the noise of the grain mill at work. I bought some biscuit mix to try at home.

From there it was grocery shopping for a braai at Mark’s place. We dropped the things off at the farm then came back to the apartment. Mark fetched us at 18:00 and by the time we got organised the rain had stopped. We had a build your own burger braai with his housemates which was really lovely. At 21:30 we walked back to the apartment having had another great day.


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