Back to Utrecht and Amsterdam

After packing up and tidying we set off along the Dijk for Utrecht. Eventually we had to cross De Lek and then headed into Utrecht. We walked around the old city, had the obligatory espresso and had hot dogs for lunch from a food truck.

After that we headed for Amsterdam. I had found a park and ride garage that cost €1 for the day which had a serious queue waiting to get in. But it was quick and it looks as if they allocate a few of the actual parking bays to the P+R. We parked, got caught in a rain storm and found a bus to bring us close to the hotel. We walked along the cobblestone, each dragging a suitcase and found where we needed to be with no problem. After checking in and sorting things out we went for a look around.

Back to Dam square and we had drinks in the LGBQT area before more walking around. Then Dave and Mark had beers while I went to Uniqlo. They made it for happy hour and I’m sure they were doubly happy to get cheap beers and to not have to look at jackets with me. After that it was back to the hotel.

We walked towards the busier part of where we are staying and found an Italian pizzeria for supper. Sotto do wood fired pizzas and they were generous and good. Dave and I had Sicilian wine and I finished with tiramusu. A proper Italian evening out, and our last one with Mark.


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