Amsterdam to Streefkerk

Our first task was to get a data Sim card and once that was done, Dave bought train tickets. We got the intercity from Schiphol to Dordrecht. Had I known there was free WiFi on the train I might have not bothered with the Sim until Mark was with us. But hindsight is twenty twenty vision! Mark was waiting for us and we drove to the old city where we had battered and deep fried fish pieces for lunch.

We bought cravettes from the fish vendor at the market and then sat down for a beer. Our vaccine QR code doesn’t scan but thankfully the owner accepted our vaccine cards. Hopefully in time there will be a universal system in place, if it remains necessary.

After that we shopped for whisky at a specialist bottle store and then headed to Nieuw-Lekkerland. We did grocery shopping for dinner at the supermarket and then Dave got fresh veggies from the green grocer and mince from the butcher. I bought a few things at the supermarket and a huge round eclair for dessert at the bakery. It is worth keeping in mind that many shops don’t accept credit cards for groceries etc. and you need a debit card or cash. Mark then dropped us off at the Guest House and left us to settle in. We had a lovely family dinner and a late night for all of us.


Cape Town to Amsterdam

After packing and getting ready and dinner at home it was time to get to the airport. We arrived with plenty of time to spare and checked in without too much hassle. First stop is security where your passport, vaccine certificate and accommodation plans are checked. Then the actual check in where everything is verified. We had uploaded our documents the day prior to flying so that went smoothly. Boarding pass in hand we went through the security check and passport control with no problems. As the Bidvest Lounge is still closed we had a glass of wine at the terminal restaurant. R220 for two glasses shows what a captive audience means. After that we went to the gate and chose the best seats to wait for our flight. We boarded first and got settled on the plane. We have emergency row seats with three to ourselves. The space is most welcome. We left on time and had dinner just before 1am. Weird to eat at that time but breakfast is only served at 09:30 so best to eat. A Shiraz with dinner went perfectly with the very tasty chicken curry.

Once again the electric toothbrush battery has gone flat. It just ‘sees’ a plane and it happens. We are on a Boeing 787 and it’s so quiet I’ve decided to sleep without earplugs. But not without a sleeping tablet, anti-histamine and one Disprin to prevent blood clots (Doctors orders). Just as I was falling asleep there was a mishap so that woke me. I tossed and turned for a bit and snooze on and off. I finally managed some sleep and work up at 8:15. Snoozed for another half an hour then got up to brush teeth etc.

Breakfast was fruit salad, yoghurt with berry coulis and an egg sausage roll. All very tasty but the coffee was the most important factor 😂. By the time we were done I was organised to repack the hand luggage and get my boots back on.

Wearing a mask was not as bad as one thinks. I have the copper fresh masks which make breathing easier. We were not forced to change them so I will put it away for the return flight. I pushed it down a few times in my sleep but that’s because I feel like I’m being smothered if something covers my nose.

I packed away our in flight bags. Got the stuff we need for the terminal on top of the pile and sat back to relax for the last hour by reading my book. We landed slightly early without a hitch and disembarked row by row. I love this new aspect for getting off the plane.

Our vaccine passports were checked when we disembarked and then a long queue for passport control. We had a smooth experience as all my paperwork was in order. After that all we had to do was buy data and get on the train. It’s 12:47 and I’m signing off for the day.