Den Haag and Delft

After breakfast we headed straight for Den Haag and found free parking close to the old part of the city. It also happened to be the Red Light District. We walked around, had some coffee and took in the sights. At midday we made our way back to the car and headed for Delft.

The Phoenix parking garage was perfectly situated for us to see the old part of the city. Our first stop was Shop Kouwenhoven. This old fashioned sweet shop has all sorts of liquorice. With a few choices bagged for Bev and something for Mark we walked around to find somewhere for beer. We sat along the canal and had a drink before looking at Delft ware. The handprinted stuff is wildly expensive and it somehow doesn’t feel right to buy printed ceramics. We did a cheese tasting and headed back to the car.

By now it was past lunchtime so we drove to Delft Hout and had our picnic. Then the long drive back to Mark’s for a beer. We bought Mark a Weber gas braai so got that unpacked before we left Mark there to do some laundry. Dave drove us back to the guesthouse and we relaxed for a bit. We had a late supper, using an apple from a tree at Mark’s place to make apple sauce. Another fantastic day.


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